Rafting the Barron River

This post is ever-so-slightly overdue… As in, I actually went rafting about a year ago, added photos and started to write a blog and then forgot about the post. It’s lain in the vaults of my blog along with 35 other half abandoned posts and I only discovered it while sifting through them all today.
I had such a blast that i thought it would be criminal not to share!
I went rafting on the Barron river with Foaming Fury, a nice half day tour which is an introduction to the world of White Water Rafting. Unlike it’s big sister the Tully river, the Barron is a much gentler ride thanks in part to the large Hydro electric plant which regulates the water level on the river.
This means that all of the rapids are around the grade 1-2 level, with one big grade 3 thrown in for good measure. I’m confident in and on the water so found it much more of a fun afternoon than a thrill seeking ride, however I’m sure that for some people it was a hair raising experience!
It was more than enjoyable just to be floating through the Barron Gorge, surrounded on all sides by what felt like high walls of rainforest topped by a perfect cloudless sky.
Oh yes, you definitely need sunscreen for this adventure!
Because Foaming Fury is a smaller company than the others who operate in the Cairns area we were in a much smaller group with only 4 in our raft. We saw rafts from other companies throughout the afternoon and they always had far more people crammed in.
Unlike what you’d probably expect from an afternoon of rafting I actually found the experience very relaxing. At one point we all hopped out of the raft and floated along on our backs staring up at the sky and enjoying our rainforest panorama. Rather gorgeous.
If you’re looking for a big, scary adventure then I’d say you’d definitely want to head down to Tully; if you have a few hours free one afternoon and aren’t a huge fan of being thrown out of boats in to raging torrents of water then and afternoon rafting the Barron will be right up your street. or river…I guess?
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