The Dolphin slaughter you’ve probably never heard of

In 2009 a doctumentary called The Cove was released. Starring Ric O’Barry, the man who made his name training the famous dolphin Flipper, it documented the slaughter of wild Dolphins in Taiji, Japan. It made some serious ripples, ripples that have now gained momentum and are turning in to a tidal wave of activism.


I’ve been aware of what’s going on in Taiji for some time mostly because of my amazing friend Heather goes over there to protest. It’s interesting that even though the film was so critically acclaimed and centered on such an emotive topic (the slaughter of wild dolphins as a by product of the captive dolphin industry) that so many people still aren’t aware of what’s going on.

Having seen wild dolphins, seen the film and read the literature I find it impossible to believe that anyone could support any institution that uses captive dolphins. I literally sobbed watching the film, tears of both anger and sadness. The response of people who I’ve made watch it is usually similar, mostly they’ll just yell “FUCK YOU FOR MAKING ME WATCH THIS” as they google flights to Japan, tell everyone they know about it and change their facebook cover photo to something Dolphin Project related.

When the Cove runs red. Not photoshopped.

It is impossible not to have a reaction to what is happening over there unless you’re Lord Voldermort and you only have 1/7 of your soul inside you.

Watch the film. Join the movement. Make a change.


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