The best sunrise of my life: Hot Air Ballooning [video]

You may remember that I recently fulfilled a childhood dream and went Hot Air Ballooning. Wat am I saying? of course you remember. I’ve not stopped banging on about it on Facebook and Instagram since the day I finally did it.

Although I’d already written about the experience in detail there was another medium with which to display my experience. A medium which if you know m you will already have guessed…video! The travel insurance company Covermore launched a compeition to find the ‘Ultimate Traveller’ and asked people to make a short video of an adventure. The only rules were that it had to be filmed ‘selfie style’ and be under two minutes long.

I didn’t make it to the Top 20 (not surprising as I entered a bit late and the quality of the entrants was seriously high!) but it’s still a nice video that I thought I’d share with you all. Hopefully the wonder on my face is nice to look at for a couple of minutes…


[kad_youtube url=”″ ]


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