Happy Thanksgiving: Canada Style (In Indonesia…)

Ask anyone their favourite things about seeing the world and at some point I’ll bet you get an answer along the lines of “getting to experience new cultures”. Now sometimes those cultures can be diverse and worlds away from your own, and sometimes they can be what you’re used to just with a little twist.

While I’m doing my Divemaster course not only am I getting to learn a little bit about how people in the little corner of Indonesia live, but also a lot about our polite friends living north of the USA. My latest discovery? They have Thanksgiving every year, only a month early. And a lack of oven wasn’t going to stop us from attempting a full Canadian spread!


Having never celebrated Thanksgiving myself I wasn’t sure whether a chicken could be substituted for the turkey, or if it was usually cooked using two frying pans. We were making new traditions though and it smelt pretty damn good.

We were joined by our Finnish friends who weren’t sure what to bring to contribute to a Canadian Thanksgiving, so opted for their traditional drink*: Icelandic Vodka (which had definitely been brewed on the island somewhere). When our mixer ran out just before dinner was to be served we were thankful to be in the tropics, and simply cut down a young coconut from a nearby tree. Because coconut water is good for you guys! And tastes delicious when paired with moonshine vodka.

*I’m not sure if I believe them.


Despite having the odds stacked against us we managed to rustle up a pretty good dinner. Whole chicken in a frying pan? Delicious, and no one got food poisoning either.


^^^Truly, food photography at it’s peak I think you’ll agree.

As our tummies reached their maximum stretching ability we all went around the group and spoke about what we were thankful for. A cheesy bit I’d seen on so many North American tv shows suddenly felt real, and touching too.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are for your special holidays, what matters is the people you spend it with. I will be forever thankful that my desire for wanderlust leads me into the path of so many special people that I am lucky to call great friends. Especially when those friends bring you vodka, and fried chicken.


And yes, that picture was taken after we’d drank the vodka.

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