Sailing to Green Island with Ocean Free [video]

This week I had to make a very painful trip indeed: my last visit to the reef for at least the next four months. I’ll be saying good bye to one of my happy places (but soon hello to another) and so I chose one of my favourite boats Ocean Freedom. Not only do they have a couple of gorgeous reef spots but they also travel to a sand cay, one of my favourite things in the world. 

And it made me realise that I still hadn’t edited together my video from their sister boat Ocean Free, even though we went out with them in February (oops).

I’ve spoken before about how I’m not the biggest fan of Green Island because it’s a bit too crowded for my liking. But on a sailboat with only 25 people, anchored out at an exclusive mooring? Err, yes please!

This was my third time out on Ocean Free which I think demonstrates how much I love this trip. It’s intimate, exclusive and gives you a glimpse of a famous island without you having to battle it out with a thousand other people for the best snorkelling spot. Plus their lunch is amazing and has the best damn coleslaw I’ve ever tasted. It means a large portion of my day is spent lolling around and clutching my extremely full tummy.

But you don’t want to hear tales of my gluttony, you were promised a video! It’s only a short one but I hope it shows off what a dreamy day we had…

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