Realities of working in the Cairns diving industry…

The weird thing about my dive master course was that out of all the reasons I had to do it, absolutely none of them involved working within the dive industry when I’d finished.

I really loved my old job in Cairns. Essentially I was paid to chat to people all day about their holidays and plan them some amazing trips, plus as part of my job I was expected to try those trips out. So yes, when part of my job description was getting to watch a sunrise from a hot air balloon or scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef I wasn’t exactly desperate to break the mould and find something new.

But when I started job hunting a few weeks before my Gili Air adventure was over, an email dropped into my inbox from a company in Cairns that I’d loved forever. Not only that, but it involved getting experience in tourism sales and marketing which is an area I eventually see myself ending up in.


Little did I realise that I’d actually be putting my DM skills to use!

Sorry guys, but sometimes we have to say the ‘C’ word even when we have a Gap Life.


So far it’s been challenging and exhausting. For two months I’ve been clocking up the hours as I learn. One week I even racked up an impressive 75 hours – double what I used to work.

This is part and parcel of the industry I choose to work in. Boats leave early and come back late, tourists still want to travel on weekends and holidays. I’m enjoying it but I’m tired.

Sadly that means that, as you can probably tell, I haven’t posted on here since before Christmas. That is an incredibly long time for me but it’s also a situation I haven’t really felt like rectifying. Trust me that the last thing my brain wants to do after 13 hours in the office or a day on the boat is come home and pour words into this blog. It’s been happy settling for staring at the food channel in a slightly glazed state while sipping some medicinal red wine.

Nudey beach lookout

There’s been no time for adventures since I got back to Cairns…

But I’m going to try and change that. Mostly because it’s got to the point where the creative voices in my head are clamouring to be heard and I’m finding it difficult to sleep without mentally taking notes about blog posts I need to write and share with the world.

There’s the story of the time we got stranded in Portugal, how we slept behind a bookcase in Amsterdam and my whirlwind visit to Kuala Lumpur – to name just a few!

I set out to have a Gap Life and I’m determined that a new and challenging career plan isn’t going to jeopardise that, I hope! Lets see how it goes…

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