Paradise Through Your Lens competition

Hiya everybody! Now I know you’ve been picking your brains and wondering what on earth you could get me for Christmas, and that’s just stressful for everyone, so don’t worry I’ve got a suggestion.

I’ve made a video for the ‘Paradise Through Your lens’ competition and if you follow the below link and share it that would make my year.

9 of the 10 finalists are chosen my a team of judges with the 10th spot going to the most shared video. Most of the videos are made my total professionals so me mucking around with a Go Pro probably only has a chance using sheer force of social media.

So pretty, pretty please give the below link a click and share my video. I’ll give you my last mince pie, promise!

Oh, and here’s my video in all it’s glory!

[kad_youtube url=”” ]


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