The New Zealand Blues

Before I first visited New Zealand I assumed that all of my photos would have one colour throughout. With endless countryside and a whole lot of rain, surely green would be the predominant tint in my holiday snaps?

But then I started to edit and realised that, without a doubt, New Zealand is the land of blues.

Don’t believe me? Just think about the ocean, and not just in one place – everywhere!

The Coromandel

On my first New Zealand adventure Mikey introduced me to his old stomping ground, the Coromandel Peninsular. This gorgeous region is a favourite for Kiwi’s on their holidays and it’s not hard to see why. I couldn’t believe that sand that white and sea that blue existed in the land of the long white cloud. Had I somehow been transported to Tahiti?

coromandel new zealand beaches


I knew about the black sand – but no one thought to mention the electric blues of the waves lapping the famous beach. Endless shades of turquoise provided the perfect backdrop the surfers falling off their boards. Not that I prefer watching wipe outs to successful surfs or anything…

raglan beach surfers surfing


Yeah…I am so not used to seeing cities with water like this close by. Although I’m not sure the Thames has ever looked this good even before we single handedly ruined it’s eco systems.

wellington harbour ocean

The West Coast and Able Tasman

We were kilometres away from Able Tasman, but that vivid colour was breathtaking even from the lookout. I assumed that was the last I’d see of sapphire oceans, anticipating steely grey seas from a smugglers novel on the West Coast. Nope. C’mon New Zealand, at some point this gets ridiculous.

west coast beaches able tasman

And the lakes too. I don’t know what you’re used to, but the lakes back home tend to be like big brown puddles. In New Zealand they’re so bloody blue that the colour looks fake in photographs. You know you’re witnessing mother nature showing off when you have to desaturate your holiday snaps so they look a bit more real.

Lake Taupo

My first experience with a Kiwi lake, I was taken aback not only by it’s sheer size but also the clarity of the water. At nearby Huka falls you can really see how clean the water is, as it churns into the perfect shade of azure.

lake taupo huka falls

Lake Hawea

Situated next to Lake Wanaka, if you take the West Coast route this is the first of the lakes from the famous lakes district that you’ll encounter. And it’s ridiculous.

lake hawea lookout

Lake Wanaka

It’s not all about the tree you guys, the rest of the lake is an absolute stunner too. As a bonus, there’s also an island on the lake that has a lake that also has an island. Wrap your head around that one after a gin.

lake wanaka tree lookout

Lake Wakitipu

With Queenstown on it’s shores it might be easy for this lake to be overlooked. Worth visiting for the mountains surrounding it sure, but would they look half as good without this insanely blue strip down the middle? True story: I thought the lake was so pretty when we first arrived it almost made me cry.

lake wakitipu queenstown

lake wakitipu queenstown glenorchy road drive new zealand queenstown

Lake Pukaki

This is a big call, but I think Lake Pukaki might be my favourite of all the lakes. For some reason Tekapo gets all the glory but I actually couldn’t find a photo of it looking blue! Pukaki on the other hand? Well not only is it crazy gorgeous, but it’s crowned with New Zealand’s tallest mountain at one end. Total perfection.

lake pukaki mount cook


With literally thousands of glaciers in New Zealand, it’s landscape is littered with shiny blue ice cubes. That’s right – I’d assumed the glaciers would be shiny and white too, but in fact they are a thousand different shades of aquamarine.

Franz Joseph glacier


All those lovely glaciers have to melt somewhere! After years as giant ice cubes they become beautiful blue channels, carving cerulean cuts through the New Zealand landscape.


New Zealand is a country always reminding you of how alive the earth is. This includes a vast number of springs and vents, pouring water and minerals up through the crust.

springs new zealand pupu rotorua


Call me crazy, but aside from sometimes looking a little brownish (sorry guys – you really come into your own with a dusting of snow) I swear the southern alps glow blue.

new zealand southern alps bliue

What do you reckon? Do you picture a different colour when you think of New Zealand? Let me know in the comments!

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