New blog!


No really. Not a new blog post, a completely new blog. Can’t you tell? Look how pretty it is!

For three years I’ve written a blog over at, which I initially started to document my adventures as I travelled around Australia. The problem with that blog is that for well over a year the title hasn’t been even remotely true. I’m still living in the same building that I moved in to when I returned to Cairns in July 2013 and I don’t think I’ll be leaving it any time soon. I have a spare room! And a vegetable patch! I’m engaged! My stuff can definitely no longer fit in to my trusty green backpack. Not even close.

Back when my entire life actually fitted in these two bags.

Back when my entire life actually fitted in these two bags.

So I’ve made a new blog, as you’ve probably noticed. It’s got all my old posts here though because I don’t want to lose them. They represent the last three years of working my life out over here from a time that I really believed that at some point in the future I’d have to move back to London and get a real job again. Commute in the rain. Pay my extortionate council tax and worry about whether the only winter coat I can afford will keep me warm enough.

The fact that this is the only picture I can find of me in a work suit says something

The fact that this is the only picture I can find of me in a work suit says something

And then, at some point even further in the future, there would be mortgages and 20 days leave a year and promotions and living entirely for weekends. Feeling depressed beyond belief on Monday mornings. Staring enviously at people on the Piccadilly line on their way to Heathrow while I was on my way to work.

Inevitable, no?


"Screw this - I'm going diving every weekend from now on"

“Screw this – I’m going diving every weekend from now on”

The running joke amongst my friends (and a term that was coined by my beloved best friend Dotty) is that rather than stop at a gap year I’m having a ‘Gap life’, hence the name of the blog.

So to celebrate three years in this vast and beautiful country I’ve made a new blog, one with a name that seems more fitting to my current situation.

It’s very strange to think that three years to the day have passed since I stepped off the plane in Townsville. Some points of those three years have been amazing, some have been terrible but I have fallen in love so hard with this ridiculous country and I’m proud to call it home. If you’d told me on the day I landed that I’d be a resident with an engagement ring firmly on her finger I would have laughed so hard, and then advised you to lay off the meths, but I’m so happy that I am.

The only bad thing? Warm Christmasses. Still don't like 'em.

The only bad thing? Warm Christmasses. Still don’t like ’em.


I’ve got no idea what this blog is going to really be about. Basically I just like writing about things that I like, mostly travel food and diving. I might get on my high horse about certain issues from time to time especially if I’ve been . Who knows? It’s my blog, ha!

Hopefully it’ll also a way to encourage me to appreciate what I’ve got going on here and how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world. This is an incredible region and lots of people, Australians included, don’t often realise it. It’ll be nice to share some of the mini-adventures and trips that I take.


Oh and the blog is going to be here for a while too because it took me 4 days to work out how to change fonts on wordpress and there’s no way I’m going through that again.

Enjoy. Or don’t. Whatever. It’s a free country.

Cheskie xxx




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