My favourite things…about diving!

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It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this humble blog that I LOVE diving. My happy place in underwater blowing bubbles at turtles. A previous Travel link up post was written on this very subject. Right now I’m even dedicating a few months of my life (and a whole lot of money) studying to become a Divemaster.

But why oh why am I so obsessed with it? Well, here are a few of my favourite things…about diving!



As you glide around underwater and make your way through the wonderland under the surface you experience a sensation as close to flying as you can get. Half mermaid half superman? Sign me up!

Exploring an underwater world

Nothing at all can prepare you for the first time you lay eyes on a coral reef. It really does look like the opening scene from Finding Nemo. Fish and coral and turtles: oh my! I will never get sick of seeing the constant show mother nature puts on.

You have to use your brain

Now that it’s been a terrifyingly long time since I graduated from University, my grey matter has gone a bit sloppy. Doing dive courses, learning about diving and even browsing through my Diving Encyclopaedia (yes it’s a thing, and yes it’s thick!) is great because I get to use my brain.


^^^I also love to explore underwater without a tank!

Laziest sport in the world

Just like I love yoga because it has a built in nap time, I love diving because the key is to always do everything as sloooowllllllly as possible. Want to breathe less air, stay calm and move through the water well? Chill right out and relax. It’s the only sport I can think of where being a little bit lazy is an advantage.

Finding myself constantly surprised

As soon as I think that mother nature has reached her peak, I do a dive where I spot 14 turtles in half an hour or get to swim with a hammerhead shark unexpectedly. You never know exactly what creatures you’ll encounter, and that’s half the fun of it!

Have I made my case well enough? Can you see now why I’m so addicted to diving?! Would you ever want to scuba dive?

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  • Reply Emma @ Adventures of a London Kiwi

    I can see how enthralling diving could be – what a glorious past time!

    November 7, 2015 at 8:30 pm
    • Reply Cheskie

      It’s pretty amazing, you’ll have to try it one day!

      November 8, 2015 at 10:55 am

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