Mum’s very merry ‘Un-Birthday’

Last August my dearest, darling mother hit a milestone birthday – she turned 35! (*cough cough*). Seeing as though she selfishly chose to spend it on a boat sailing through Indonesia I was unable to treat her in the manner to which she is accustomed, and so as soon as she was settled and on dry land I set about organising her an ‘un-birthday’.

In our household birthdays are a big deal, and we not only like to celebrate our own but enjoy the opportunity to spoil our family members so Mum’s few days of being treated were funded by all her babies and their significant others.

First up was a trip on the Sunset Cruise which we almost missed…oops!


Unfortunately I did have to go in for a few shifts, but to make up for it I checked us in to an apartment through work at the Harbour Lights complex. I had suggested going out for dinner but Mum loved the view so much that she decided she’d rather stay in and cook for when I got back from work – and I wasn’t complaining!



The views from the Harbour View apartment are stunning and you really didn’t need to switch on the TV at all. Why would you stare a screen rather than this?


As we sat sipping our wines I told Mum that there was an extra surprise on top of our diving trip the next day…that we’d be flying home in a helicopter! Full of wine and excitement we fell to sleep eager for the morning to come.

The day dawned bright and with low winds, giving us some really lovely conditions. We went out to Norman Reef and explored a lovely site full of swim throughs perfect for Go Pro footage.




Of course all that diving is thirsty work and it seemed rude not to take advantage of the bar after lunch.


We may have been a little bit tipsy when we¬†excitedly boarded our helicopter to see the reef from another perspective…but more on that later. It deserves a post all of it’s own!

That evening we glammed ourselves up ready for a gorgeous meal at Dundees. I even wore heels for the seond time this year!


I decided that as it was a special occasion (and that mum’s half of the bill was being footed by a group of us) we’d have the seafood platter each with extra oysters too…of course!


Of course this meant that any illusions of glamour instantly flew out of the window as we shoveled seafood in to our mouths, mostly with our hands. What? The only way to make sure you get all of the good bits of mudcrab is to root around with your fingers…ahem.

Although we were stuffed full from our feast I had to persuade Mum to get dessert because it wouldn’t be a birthday unless…


…they bring you something out with sparklers on the top and get the whole restaurant to sing happy birthday to you!

We finished our night the way it started – with wine on the balcony and pretty soon this view…


…started to look like this:


The next morning we were only fit to sit on our macs, both blogging away about how much fun we’d had!


Happy Un-Birthday Mum! It was lovely to spend it with you xxx


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