A summer afternoon at Moke Lake

One of our reasons for moving to Queenstown was the variety of places to visit and explore nearby. With numerous walks, drives and activities we knew there was plenty of things to keep us entertained for a year. Keen to start working my way down the list I’d already had a drive out to Paradise. Next up? The local’s favourite: Moke lake.

The weather has been terrible here (if one more person tells me how nice it was this time last year…) so we as soon as we saw blue sky on Saturday afternoon we hopped in the car. Cruising along Lake Wakitipu we got to really enjoy those great views, because the campervan in front of us was driving at 35km/h. Definitely safe…

After turning off the main road, our drive continued through a sheep station with plenty of fluffy creatures eyeing us as we drove by. The area is dog free, and it’s not hard to see why when sheep are running around everywhere. Even the most well trained Fido would find it hard to resist a bit of a chase!

Moke lake views mountains queenstown new zealand

Not a bad view for a 25 minutes drive from our house…

Moke Lake is surrounded by mountains and you get great views regardless of where by the water you choose to rest. It’s safe for swimming and after a few minutes in the hot sun I very much cursed myself for not bringing my bikini! If water activities are your thing it’s a great place to SUP or kayak, just watch out for duckling swimming amongst the reeds.

There’s a lovely 7km walkway around the lake that’s perfect for those wanting an easy stroll. A walk with beautiful views and no steep climbs? I’m in! We’d left it too late to try (thanks housework and other adult chores) but will definitely be back in the near future.

Moke lake female blonde hait purple dress walk new zealand queenstown

Considering going for a swim…but only because I almost fell in.

As we gazed out at the lake it was easy to spot trout rising and feeding on the bugs at the surface. Mikey couldn’t resist trying to catch me some dinner and valiantly flicked his lures at the fish over and over again. Of course, they turned their nose up at his offerings. Cheeky buggers.

It didn’t take long for our usual weather curse to rear it’s ugly head. As we were contemplating exploring further a strong wind had picked up and started gusting down across the lake. Taking this as our cue to leave we turned back for the car, already making plans to return and camp for the night.

Moke lake queenstown new zealand south island male fishing hat fly trout

Cursing the clever fish.

Find it: Moke Lake is a 25 minute drive from Queenstown. Follow the Queenstown-Glenorchy road for about 6.5km, turn right into Moke Lake road. Follow for around 7km, past the smaller lake Kirkpatrick until you see the parking area. Enjoy!

Activities: If horses are your thing there are a number of trekking options available. Walk or cycle the 7km loop track, or tackle the longer walk to Lake Dispute. Bring your own SUP board or kayak to explore the lake from the water, or simply jump in for a swim. This is a great fishing spot and the lake is full of trout so bring your rod if you’re that way inclined!

Stay: There is a DOC campsite at the edge of the lake. This is classed as a scenic campsite so is $13 per adult per night, $6.50 for a child. It has flush toilets, water supply and even a shelter for cooking!

Moke lake walk loop queenstown new zealand doc blonde female purple dress

Have you visited Moke Lake? What do you think?

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