I was not expecting this to break my air con…

I heard the explosion just as I was leaving for work. An almighty bang followed by a gut wrenching sound of water.
Oh no…no it can’t be…
The air conditioner had just crapped itself, sending a huge amount of water spurting all over our bedroom. Shit. Up here in summer this was the worst thing that could have happened.
Living in FNQ has it’s advantages. Glorious winters, world heritage rainforest on your doorstep and amazing diving opportunities for weekends off.
Welcome bay on Fitsroy
Unfortunately all this is offset by the grueling summers where temperatures rarely drop below 25C – even at night – and the humidity means all fashion choices are made based purely on what shows up sweat the least.
Unless you live in a well designed Queenslander, or are very well acclimatised, air conditioning is an absolute must. Our place is a poorly designed brick building where the walls feel hot from November through April and the sun hits our bedroom window turning it into an very effective greenhouse. It can be genuinely unbearable and the loss of my air con made sleep for the next three weeks almost impossible, even with the assistance of two fans.
But, y’know, first world problems. I coped and was almost thankful that my hot water bottle was away at sea for a month (they should study Mikey to see how to produce large amounts of heat with little effort).
Finally the day came that someone could fix the damn machine – as you can imagine summer is busy season for air con repair – and I waited patiently in the kitchen as they tinkered.
It appeared to be a blockage in our drainage hose (humidity + cooling = condensation on a massive scale) and the guy seemed a bit puzzled about what had caused it.
“We’re getting all this weird jelly stuff coming out. I’ve never seems anything like this blocking it before. It’s…weird”
Hmm. What a lovely thing to hear as you’re preparing for a girly dinner party. Weird jelly in your air con. I started to feel glad that it had only been water sprayed around my room.
“Erm, Francesca? You might need to come and see this.”
Bracing myself for the worst I followed him outside to see his colleague holding…something…in her hand.
“So it looks like a snake went up inside your drainage hose and died there. It’s mostly decomposed now which explains the…jelly. It’s out now so your air con should work fine.”
I was then presented with what was left of the snake.

To be fair though, if I was going to have three weeks of broken, sweaty sleep at least I managed to get a decent anecdote out of it.
Where else but Cairns?
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