Flying high with Nautilus

So, Mum had been having a pretty good unbirthday so far, but things were about to get even better…


After taking a few s-heli-fies (I totally just made that up on the spot, lets make them a thing), and after considering submitting them to Rich Kids of Instagram, we hopped on board and prepared for lift off.


^^^Here’s my post diving hair and make-up free face to enjoy. You’re welcome.


^^^Mum was pretty chill about the whole thing.


Then suddenly – we were off! High above the reef we’d just been diving on and starting to comprehend how big the GBR really is.

DSC04776 DSC04780 DSC04782 DSC04788

They don’t call it ‘great’ for nothing, and you never really get a sense of the scale of it until you see it from above.

DSC04790 DSC04791

Flying down the East Coast to New Zealand was pretty impressive but we were too high to really see any details. This was a little different!

DSC04792 DSC04793

We flew over Michaelmas reef and got a glimpse of Spirit Cay, a little baby sand cay just poking it’s nose out.


Off in the distance there was Michaelmas Cay and all the boats anchored up taking day trippers out to experience a slice of paradise.

DSC04800 DSC04803 DSC04808

And, of course, Vlassoff Cay, which has already featured on this blog  and is one of the most beautiful places I’ve set foot on/seen from the air.

DSC04811 DSC04816

Off in the distance, floating in the middle of an array of blues, was Green Island the reef almost visible.

DSC04833 DSC04844

It seemed like we’d only just taken off when the helicopter pulled towards land.

DSC04849 DSC04855 DSC04858

It was such a cool 15 minutes, and a great thing to experience especially as we felt like VIPs not having to get the boat home with the rest of the other plebs…ha!


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