Wake up to paradise on Fitzroy Island


For all my talk about how obsessed I am with Fitzroy Island I was still to see it after dark. Each visit lasted only during daylight hours and my heart always sank slightly as I watched the island disappear from view.


Although we really didn’t need an excuse to treat ourselves and stay over (it was research for work…honest) after deciding almost definitely to get married over there we figured it was actually rather important to experience a night in the resort and a sunset drink at Foxy’s.

One bit of wedding planning I can really get behind!


Checking the weather forecast we saw a couple of days that looked nice. We booked ourselves in and packed our snorkel gear and drinking hats in preparation for a lovely 48 hours.


Choosing to stay in one of the self contained ocean suites was most definitely a good idea. We had a proper kitchen, huge living area and gorgeous bathroom. Oh, and a view that had us dancing around the second we walked through the door. Although you can’t bring alcohol over to the island (although to be honest people do anyway!) you can buy takeaways from Foxy’s which is what we did and kept them nice and cold in our full sized fridge.


Although the weather had been iffy all morning in Cairns, the clouds did their usual trick of sticking to the mountains and it didn’t take long for the boat to speed free of them revealing a beautiful sunny sky.


^^^View from our balcony. I know. 

We were able to check in to our room early, stepping right off the ferry to reception, which always sets the right mood for a stay and gave us enough time to grab lunch before our meeting with the wedding coordinator (where i definitely didn’t cry in the function room because the view was so beautiful and I got hugely emotional, no, because that would be embarrassing).


After settling in, gawping at the view and uploading some braggy photos to boastbook we pulled on our fins and set off for a snorkel.

I’ve talked before about how impressed I was with the coral cover around Fitzroy considering it’s not technically a reef but mostly because it’s home to so many turtles – probably the most commonly coveted sea creature to spot after nemo, but without the certainly of spotting one (nemo rarely moves house!). Well Mikey did his job and got me a turtle so we returned to the beach feeling pretty happy and ready to celebrate with a beer.


Opting against eating at the restaurant we sat down for a good feed at Foxy’s to make sure we got a sunset. Sipping our drinks I could’t even feel sad about the clouds slightly spoiling the vista or our Go Pro running out of juice halfway through our much planned time lapse. Oh yes, Fitzroy sunsets are just as magical as we’d thought.

DSC05288 DSC05355

Later on we moved to our balcony, the view lit up in black and white by the moon, listening to the waves breaking. With a beach made of coral every time a waves crashes you have both the soothing noise of the water, and also a slight tinkle as the coral gets washed around. See? Even the ocean noise over here has an extra bit of sparkle to it!

DSC05367 DSC05365 DSC05358

Our fry up next morning was much needed, but we weren’t too impressed with the breakfast on offer, especially at $25 a person, although the view out across the bay couldnt be beaten. Right now the resort is too small for them to offer in room breakfast but I’ve got insider information that soon it might be on the cards. For now I’d recommend bringing over your own bacon and saving a few dollars!


To ease the pain of having to leave our beautiful suite we took ourselves over to Nudey beach for another snorkel and swim and were rewarded by fnding another friendly turtle to make friends with along with a little nemo family.


DSC05408 DSC05405

Warming up in the sun afterwards Mikey found a fun new game called ‘lets see if I can throw coral and get it to land in Cheskie’s belly button’. I think the ever so slight convex nature of my tummy made it a little harder. Perhaps when I’ve dropped a few wedding kilos he might find it a bit easier!

DSC05392 DSC05386 DSC05402

After walking to Nudey beach I had to laugh at Mum’s suggestion that we wouldn’t need the boat to take us over if we got married there… I’m clumsy enough at the best of times without clambering over rocks in my wedding dress!

DSC05421 DSC05422 DSC05428

^^^The path over to Nudey beach and back…!

DSC05416 DSC05412

Once again it seemed liked we’d earned another cool off and drink so we headed over to the pool bar where I found my new favourite place. I can splash around and drink cocktails here, that is literally my idea of heaven. Even if poor Mikey felt a bit embarrassed by my excitement and constantly pretending to ‘fall’ off my seat. I thought it was hilarious and that’s all that matters.


The weather was so gorgeous that even after I’d dried off nicely over lunch I couldn’t rest jumping in to the ocean for another swim. With the water at a perfect 27 degrees (cool enough to be refreshing but warm enough not to give you jolts) it was only the promise of more cider that could lure me back to dry land.


Oh yeah…and the promise of seeing the t-shirt this guy was wearing again. After much observation we realised he spoke no English whatsoever and probably had no idea what it meant, poor bloke, I bet whoever got him that feels very pleased with themselves!!!


Leaving once again on the ferry I realised that staying overnight hadn’t helped, I felt even more depressed than usual as I thought about how boring my bed would seems after sleeping in a room with 180 degree views of a picture perfect beach.

DSC05461 DSC05475

Damn Fitzroy, I fall more in love with you every visit.

For my video blog of this adventure and proof of aforementioned time lapses ands turtles click here.

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