First impressions aren’t everything in Ubud

We arrived in Ubud after dark and had a few issues with finding our accommodation. Wandering down an almost black side street being watched by suspicious looking locals and, we assumed from a squashed one in the middle of the path, a few rats some concerns about where we were headed were raised.

Nicole had chosen our home for the next few days and her face showed that worry you can only feel when you’ve taken on the role of chief room booker and are now very scared that you’ve accidentally chosen a room in rape alley.

After a very tense fifteen or so minutes we eventually found our way to our actually rather cute, if unconventional, digs at Kabera Bungalow 1 and were very pleased to be given the option of choosing our rooms. With our rumbling tummies we went out to find dinner and so it wasn’t until the sun dawned the next day that we realised what a little gem we’d found.


We had two rooms with seperate balconies just a short (and precarious) climb away with views out over the rooftops of Ubud. Despite being located only minutes from the madness that is Monkey Forest Road the only noise we could hear was from the temple next door and the few other guests.


Each room had two big double beds and a huge bathroom but it was the views you got that really impressed us!


Oh, and we didn’t even realise that our complimentary breakfasts got served to us on the balcony! Banana pancakes, toast and coffee watching the sun rise over terracotta rooftops and colourful flowers. Bit of a steep room rate though at $14 per night. Per room.

Yes, you can see why the ‘in Bali this would cost…’ game was so painful when I got home.


We also had the added bonus of adding to our knowledge of Balinese safety. This was how we clambered between our balconies…


(I was always terrified that there would be a monster hiding in the gap ready to grab my ankles)

…and this was our view to the right!


Thankfully we only had to walk underneath this bamboo scaffolding to get in and out of the homestay. I think I may have been a bit apprehensive about staying on top of this, even with the delicious pancakes.

DSC02143 DSC02146     DSC02149

The below picture is the view from the bathroom so we even had scenery while we showered.


And, of course, I added lots to my microsoft screensaver project with the abundance of flowers surrounding our balcony.


The doors were all covered in beautifully ornate carvings and I enjoyed being able to look at the closely, not just from the back of a speeding car as we shot past the roadside shops!



In fact, the only bump in the road came from having to wait a ridiculously long time for our breakfast on the second morning. Grumbling about losing time touring the rice fields we immediately felt guilty when our hostess apologised, explaining that because it was the start of Galungan she’d had to make an offering with part of our breakfast.

Well, didn’t we feel like ignorant westerners?


DSC02254   DSC02255

It wasn’t just our hostess either, the homestay and entire area were filled with literally hundreds of offerings. I bet the Gods weren’t going hungry!


We were so happy with our home from home in Ubud and it comes highly recommended from me! It may have been a different story though had we had the room with this right outside…!



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