Dreamy Days with Ocean Spirit Cruises


Nowadays it takes a lot for a reef trip to really impress me. Like, impress me to the point where I pretty much obsess and talk about what a great day I had. But Ocean Spirit, a day I hadn’t previously been too fussed about trying, did just that.

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Start your day by stepping aboard your own private catamaran.. Okay, so you might have to share it a little bit. Just a little mind, because it’s that bloody big that even when the rest of the days guests arrive there’s still plenty of space to stretch out on the deck.

Because Ocean Spirit is a sailing boat rather than a flashy, vulgar speedy-type boat your trip out to the reef might take a little longer. That doesn’t matter though, because today is all about relaxing. It’s not a race, you guys. Grab one (or three) of the complimentary mini muffins and settle yourself in for the ride. I like to bury my nose in a book to make time fly, but feel free to watch the beautiful Tropical North Queensland scenery slide by too.


Or, if it’s winter, keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales…

When you reach the destination for your day feel free to blink a couple of times to make sure you’re not dreaming. Yes, the sand is that white. Yes, the sea is that blue. Yes, that’s a turtle right there, swimming just off the boat.


It’s fair to say that Michaelmas Cay is probably the physical embodiment of the phrase ‘heaven on earth’.

Feel free to snorkel right from the beach, ogle the cute baby birds or hop on the semi submersible trip. If you’re feeling active do all three!

If you are thinking about trying diving for the first time but aren’t sure where to start then this could be the perfect day for you. Unlike other boats where you have to jump off the back in to deep water, this dive is a shore dive meaning you practice your skills on the beach in shallow water. Great for nervous first timers!


For non-divers the semi submersible trip is great, allowing you to peer underwater like a scuba diver would do without needing to get wet. We even spotted three turtles on our trip – tow of them were tiny baby ones too! So even if you’re not too keen on jumping in the water to find nemo and co there’s still a way to see the reef from under the oceans surface.


Because the cay is a bird colony and very important nesting ground for many migratory species, you’re just as likely to find empty eggs scattered along the beach as you are shells and coral. Although I did manage to stub my toe on a rather large piece of coral as we strolled along the waters edge. Impressive.


The other great thing about Ocean Spirit is that it makes you feel as though you’re a movie star when you pose for photos. It can be quite depressing to check them later and see that you don’t look like Scarlett Johanson in your super flattering wetsuit with knotted ocean hair flapping in the wind.


While the boat is anchored in deeper water away from the cay, it’s still as crystal clear here as up near the beach. You can sit on deck and watch as fish splash and swim around you. My particular favourites are the curious and friendly bat fish! Lunch includes prawns and we very mooch enjoyed being naughty and feeding the fish with our leftover heads, we were definitely popular with some of the local characters…


This might not be the trip for those looking for some serious adventure, but even us explorers need a down time some time right? I absolutely love Ocean Spirit and can’t recommend it enough.

What do you think?


dreamy days on ocean spirit pinterest pin






















dreamy days on ocean spirit pinterest pin

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  • Reply Camels & Chocolate

    Any day on the reef looks like a perfect one to me? have you done a live aboard before?

    August 28, 2015 at 12:53 pm
    • Reply Cheskie

      Yes I’ve done a few, absolutely love night diving so always say yes to a live aboard!

      August 29, 2015 at 8:57 pm

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