Divemaster Diaries: Assisting an Open Water course

There were a lot of things about my Divemaster course that I was looking forward to. Doing the thing I love every day, living on a beautiful tropical island and eating delicious food constantly were obviously perks. But the thing I was most looking forward to? Assisting with Open Water courses.

Getting to participate in the education of new divers and seeing the wonder on their faces as they first dip under the surface sounded amazing. Out of all the incredible opportunities doing this course will give me, it was that I wanted to do.

Did it live up to my expectations?


Of course.

I was helping out my designated mentor, a lovely French instructor called Manon. She is everything you want from an instructor: calm, experienced and a whole lot of fun to go diving with.

Over the three days I found my confidence growing along with the two students’. I saw them go from slightly apprehensive to cautiously independent to self sufficient and confident divers. The change I witnessed was phenomenal and it felt pretty damn good to have been a part of it.

After the final dive the guys told me that they were really glad I’d come along for the ride because I was so much fun to dive with. That is the highest of compliments for me. They didn’t notice the behind the scenes stress, any worries I had or the things that I’d definitely – on my first try – got a bit wrong. Instead they saw the smiles, high fives and silly faces underwater.

Diving with them left a huge smile in my face and a very happy feeling lodged deep within my heart. This is what I came here to do, and when something exceeds your high expectations you can’t really ask for more.


So thank you to Greg and Sam (and the wondrous Manon!) – you guys rock!

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