A disappointing day with Capture Cairns

When I’m sitting at work (I’m a travel agent, in case you didn’t realise!) and someone walks in, quite often they’ll have a look of barely disguised terror in their eyes.

“We’re here for three days and…there’s just so much to do!”

In Cairns there is pretty much a tour for everything, so when a new one pops up in the market I’m always interested to find out more, from both a personal and a professional perspective.


Capture Cairns offers tours of the Cairns area with a twist, incorporating a photography lesson with your day. I was very excited to learn from a professional about how my camera works (I am not an expert to say the least) and excitedly signed up for an agent’s day on their Rainforest and Reef tour to Fitzroy Island to learn more about both photography and the tour itself.


I’ve wanted to blog about my day with Capture Cairns but the trouble is that I really didn’t rate it. Keeping to the old adage of not-saying-anything-if-you-can’t-say-something-nice etc I didn’t quite know what to write, especially as I hadn’t been asked along to blog about the day, but was there in a professional capacity to try it out and report back to everyone at work. My guide was also really sweet even if I didn’t rate her and I felt bad for criticising the way she ran the day.


The trouble is, is that I actually really quite like some of the photographs I took over on Fitzroy, especially as they’re so different to the ones I usually snap. Unfortunately I can’t attribute this to the ‘tutoring’ (or lack of) that I received from my Capture Cairns guide during the day but more because I spent a large part of it wandering around alone, not having to worry about keeping someone waiting. If I wanted to spend 15 minutes taking pictures of a cool looking tree stump I could.


I know that taking time to get the right shot seems like Photography 101 but usually when I’m taking photos I’m with another person, and photography isn’t the main priority. So, for that, the day was good. But that wasn’t really the intention. I’d hoped to learn how to improve my rainforest photography (notoriously difficult due to high contrasts and hundreds of shadows) but we skipped that portion of the day, something that disappointed me over everything else (and, believe me, there were lots of other issues).


It makes me sad that a day I was so excited about ended up being such a disappointment and I won’t be recommending it to friends, customers and readers alike. I also didn’t want to write a negative blog, but felt that posting pictures along without any other thoughts would be misleading, and I didn’t want that. As this blog grows I want to be completely honest about the experiences that I have regardless of whether or not I’d paid for them. And, believe me, if I’d paid for my day with Capture Cairns then this blog would be an extremely big rant…


I am, however, glad to have a slightly different set of pictures from Fiztroy and it will make me think about looking at familiar places differently from now on.


^^^I love this one – it’s a reflection in a puddle!


Oh, and another person on the tour gave me a great tip about using aperture which has completely changed my photography style.


But enough of my ranting, pictures speak a thousand words and I hope the rest of them say something a little more positive!


Damn, it feels bad writing such a negative post.


Why don’t oysters share their pearls?


Because they’re shellfish.


Hopefully that’s left you with a smile…




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  • Reply Kendra Granniss

    Well, at least the pictures are amazing! I admire that you are truthful about your experiences, even if you didn’t pay for the tour.

    February 16, 2015 at 3:37 pm
    • Reply

      Thanks Kendra! I’ glad you like the pictures, I’m slowly improving 😉

      February 16, 2015 at 8:52 pm

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