Brisbane, the ‘Beige City’

At the beginning of December I took a day trip to Brisbane for a work conference.


Now back in the UK a 45 minute drive used to necessitate a sandwich, water and sweet supply just to get me through the journey. Now, hopping on a two hour flight to a city 1,600km away for an 8 hour conference then flying back later that night seemed like a perfectly normal activity.


Aside from learning lots (and not embarrassing myself while sitting to the speaker from Facebook) the day was interesting for me because it gave me a new subject to test out my photography skills with.


Usually I’m snapping Fitzroy Island, an underwater scene or the rainforest. Nice natural settings.


Not this time! I had an hour or so of soft evening light and skyscrapers before heading back on the plane.


You don’t want to hear about work things do you, so here are some snaps instead.


Suffice to say that my poor colleague had to wait a long time for his dinner thanks to my constant snapping.

DSC06321DSC06320I’ve never been overly fond of Brisbane, a place I refer to as ‘The Beige City’ because of it’s inoffensive but boring nature. However I think that, just like I did with Sydney and Cairns, spending more time there may change my mind about the place.


I’m reserving judgement for when I’ve got more than two hours to wander around and haven’t been up since 4.30am, but as usual seeing a non-backpacker view of a city makes me wonder if my initial impressions were wrong.


Not that I’m ever usually wrong, of course…

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