An unexpected afternoon doing a Minjin Swing.


It started off like any normal Thursday.

It being the first day of my ‘weekend’ I’d had a lie in and a lazy morning with my only plans being the horrendous task of clearing out the spare room.

As a life long procrastinator I was therefore natural sat at my computer in my PJs when the phone rang at 11am.

“What are you doing today?”

“Cleaning out the spare room?”

“Want to do a Minjin swing with me?”



Well, what did you think my response would be?


Despite living in Cairns full time for the past 18 months I was still to visit AJ Hackett’s world famous bungee site. Nestled in the rainforest it affords stunning views out over the rainforest and down towards the coast as you voluntarily hurl yourself off a platform at 50 metres.

Never too keen on entrusting my life with a glorified rubber band I’d never been that fussed about heading out there. Luckily for the chickens there is a slightly less terrifying alternative: the Minjin Swing.


Sure, so you’re still pulled up to a height of 44 metres but it’s a swing guys, and you can do it with a friend. Way less terrifying and far more enjoyable than a bungee!


^^^I told Carmen that they have this little waterfall to wash away the bodies when things go wrong. I think she really appreciated my help with calming her nerves.


It’s a nice set up, with the bungee platform suspended over a lake and a modern bar serving beverages to those who want to calm their nerves. Even if you’re not doing something stupid you can always drink a beer and laugh at your mates having a go.



Which was exactly what we did while we waited for our turn, albeit with some strangers rather than friends! We found it weird that this guy didn’t make a sound when he jumped. Silence.

DSC05508 DSC05503

^^^Rather you than me, mate.


After the crazy kids had done their bungy it was our turn to make our way up to the swing platform.


While we got trussed up in our harnesses I couldn’t help but think how pretty a spot it was. I think Carmen may have been having slightly more worried thoughts…


Clearly the gear is chosen based on how good it makes you look. I was rather worried that a passing man might try and kiss me, that’s how sexy it was. The hair net definitely pulls the whole look together.


We were soon clipped to the swing, and hoisted skywards. The scariest thing about the swing is that you are the ones who decide when to fall by pulling a rope. Having been assigned (by myself) videographer Carmen was made chief rope puller to choose when we fell.

Well, I say that but me yelling “PULL THE ROPE CARMEN! PULL IT NOW!!!” probably made the decision for her.


It might be me being a slight adrenaline junkie at times, but after the initial plummet I found the whole experience rather soothing. swooshing backwards and forwards over the rainforest with the area towards Cairns spread out before us it was like being a baby getting rocked to sleep only with awesome views.




Of course the relaxation only came after the screaming. There was quite a bit of screaming.

Don’t believe me? Well each swing comes with a USB containing pictures and a Go Pro video. So. Here’s the video evidence, edited by me.

[kad_youtube url=”” ]

The worst thing? Now I think I might want to do a bungee…



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